Book a Session

After you book an appointment and I make sure I have all the information needed to provide you with a service, I'll send you instructions on how to access your session

Each session is truly unique, so the session durations stated here are approximate.  It's always advisable to have a little time buffer just in case. 

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If you prefer to have a reading delivered as a written report, select "I want this reading in written form instead of a live session" option when booking.  DETAILS

Written report option:

  • Please know that a live, interactive session will always be much more valuable to you than a written report! :)

  • If you chose to have your reading delivered in written form, your report will be emailed to you as a .pdf file by the day and time you selected when booking your session. 

  • I always ask that you provide a very specific and detailed intention for the reading, so that when I'm writing your report, I can include examples that are relevant to your current situation and ideas of how you can apply the new information in your life. 

  • While my reports are very thorough, you may have follow-up questions.  Two rounds of follow-up questions by email are included with this option at no extra charge.