Hello and welcome! 

I'm Julia, a Soul Realignment® Akashic Records practitioner and Angelic Reiki Master. 

I believe that being well, whole, and empowered to be who we truly are is what many of us are ultimately striving for, and that the key to that is deep self-knowledge.  I look forward to helping you on your journey towards greater well-being and fulfillment!


Why work with me? 


  • You’re seeking greater self-knowledge and an understanding of your cosmic roots and journey through many lifetimes (possibly in different worlds)! 

  • You want a clear picture of your divine gifts and unique strengths so you can choose a path in life that will bring abundance and fulfillment.

  • You want to understand and finally break out of your negative emotional patterns, self-sabotaging habits, financial, relationship or health issues.

  • You want to discover and learn to use your unique manifesting formula so you can achieve big life goals in the most effective way.

  • You want to work with someone who will take the time to get to know you as an individual, understand your unique situation and needs, and provide you with a caring, personalized service using a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


"I had two amazing sessions with Julia. She is a rare talent, who does amazing, detailed work with wisdom and great skill. I have high standards. Ethics, fairness, accuracy, compassion, wisdom, skill level, realness are all important to me. She has all of that. Julia gives 120%. I thank my lucky stars that I found her online by chance. The information and clearing work she did for me is quite valuable and has made a big difference in my life! I highly recommend." -- Chandra in Wisconsin

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