"I had two amazing sessions with Julia. She is a rare talent, who does amazing, detailed work with wisdom and great skill. I have high standards. Ethics, fairness, accuracy, compassion, wisdom, skill level, realness are all important to me. She has all of that. Julia gives 120%. I thank my lucky stars that I found her online by chance. The information and clearing work she did for me is quite valuable and has made a big difference in my life! I highly recommend."
- Chandra in Wisconsin

"I had a super insightful reading with Julia that instantly empowered me on my life path. She combines her Akashic Records reading with great interpersonal skills, offering practical explanations and advice that can be directly applied in my daily life. She also made sure that her readings were clearly understood and relevant to my current life situation. She truly is a translator and bridge between realms and I hope many more will find their way to her on their journey. I give Julia and her services my best recommendations."
- Caroline in Sweden

"I have to tell you that the work you do is really LIFE CHANGING. With my other Akashic experience I felt a little different and made changes and such but the energetic clearing this time felt massive as well as the shifts I’ve integrated into my life as a result, and in rapid time. It literally felt as if I just could not possibly make any other choice than what was more aligned with my soul. I resigned from my job and I’m diving into my business full time. I’m so beyond excited to jump into this new adventure and your work really was the catalyst to creating this change that I knew I needed but was too terrified to take! Going over my past karmic issues and subconscious beliefs were key in seeing how I was simply repeating old patterns and just didn’t have the awareness of it. I feel safe to step into the next version of me now."
- Erica in New Jersey

"Wow! Where to begin. I was guided to book my session with Julia through my intuition (and a bit of desperation) while going through a lost and confused life phase. I have done numerous spiritual readings all across the board, but Julia's was by far the most in-depth, compassionate, and insightful one I have yet to experience. Julia is such a gift to this world and her caring nature, patience, calm energy, and the beautiful & judgement free space she holds for her clients is truly exquisite. She exceeded my every expectation and is such a very kind, compassionate, and genuine soul. If you are looking for clarity or direction through a trusted guide and healer, you will not be disappointed working with Julia! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do and are, Julia! The world is a better place with you in it."
- Ali K. in California

"I wanted to let you know that things are moving along much more smoothly since our session.
I'm doing a group meditation night in December, and it SOLD OUT a month ahead of time. (Only 20 seats, but for me this is unheard of!) And what's even more fun is the fact that 80% of the participants are all new clients that I've never met before. I have no idea how they found me. Something has definitely shifted!
I am also getting very palpable results within the healing circle that I lead. A lot of the participants in the group came up and asked if I could offer another healing circle in Spring. I did not even have to market it at all.
I am super happy about this new flow when it comes to my business!!!"
- Åsa in Sweden

"Your reading was outstanding in so many ways and provided very precise and relevant information.
I had some other readings (not always related to Akashic Records) which were quite dramatic (entity removal etc.), and which disempowered me. In huge contrast, I experienced you as someone with an amazing gift to deliver the messages in a very encouraging, compassionate, empowering and solution-oriented way.
There was so much information and energetic release I still need to integrate and this will probably take several days… I could feel the clearing you did right after our conversation too.
I also appreciate your quick follow up by sending me the recording and the homework assignment within a few hours after our reading. Again, I find this very professional and service-oriented, just like all the other messages I got from you before the session."
- Yves in Hawaii

"My reading with Julia was far beyond anything I could have expected!  I didn’t have much knowledge about the Akashic Records, but she immediately put me at ease, and was very open to answering questions.  The reading was highly intuitive and explained so much about why I struggle with moving forward -- I felt stuck issues shaking loose even as we spoke. But the most surprising part for me was after the reading as I did the clearing “homework.”  Things that Julia had shown me began to release and unwind, opening up new possibilities for my future that I hadn’t thought possible.  This reading has helped me to finally jump in and embrace my life’s purpose."
- Lisa in Minnesota

"I am blown away at the wonderful info Julia uncovered for me in a Soul Profile reading! I feel like I just got an amazing blueprint for my life! This was my first Akashic reading and it was such an awesome experience! She has a wonderful, loving, non-judgmental energy about her. I very much enjoyed this and am looking forward to applying this info to my life!"
- Tara in Missouri

“I thank the Universe for leading me to Julia's website! I got an Akashic Record reading, and it helped me understand why I am who I am. I now love myself even more than I already did. :) Julia was so patient with me as I interrupted our conversation with questions every now and then. In fact, she talked with me past our scheduled end time (at no extra charge) because she wanted to make sure I received AND understood all the information I needed to know. In short, Julia is a pure soul that really cares - she genuinely wants every client of hers to realize their greatness and live their best life.”
- Sana in California

"My Akashic reading with Julia proved to be one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.  Finding out how so many of the painful situations I have experienced were influenced by my attachments to persons I have known in previous lives gave me a new understanding of both the infinite continuity of the universe, and of the power I have to free myself from what holds me back."
- Lynn in California

"I happened upon Julia's services online by chance. I am so thankful to my lucky stars for that. I have been a spiritual practitioner for many years and have high standards. Julia exceeded my expectations! I experienced her relationship reading, [negative influences] clearing, property clearing and more. Her dedication, skills, wisdom, compassion, and talent shine! I consider her a rare talent. The services I have received have given me a noticeable difference in my life in the best ways. The information and clearings I received are invaluable. Thank you, Julia!"
- Chandra in Wisconsin

"Your Spirit Guide reading was so insightful and helpful. We all have "friends" on the other side that are subtly, gently, and lovingly guiding us.  Thank you for connecting with mine. I especially found their messages for me so touching and loving. Your sketches of my Guides were simply beautiful. Julia, you have a gift. With heartfelt appreciation."
- Michelle in California

"I had the soul profile reading done by Julia.  I was blown away at what she was able to discern having been given only my name and birth date.  What she said resonated with me and gave me a renewed sense of the direction that is best for me.  For clearing the negative energies, she gave me clear instructions to follow.  I recommend it." 
- Erica in California


"Julia is an excellent communicator, and every part of my experience with her for BQH was extremely helpful, healing, and wonderful. Her voice is very soothing. She facilitated in a way that left me feeling safe and secure, knowing that she had my best interests at heart at all times. The session itself was amazing! I have experienced many modalities for healing and spiritual work, and have facilitated many kinds myself. I found this to be an invaluable experience, from start to finish, that has provided me with many tangible and lasting results. I consider myself lucky to have experienced BQH with Julia. She is focused, compassionate, gentle, wise, and dedicated. I highly recommend her!"
- Chandra in Wisconsin

“I had a Quantum Healing with Julia. The experience was very peaceful, soft, answered questions, and healed many emotional and physical issues. Julia is very present and focused on directing you as she navigates the session and through your consciousness during the guided meditation. I have had Akashic readings with Julia as well and find her work in Beyond Quantum Healing to be exceptional as well.”
- Simi in California


"I am a past life regression therapist in New Orleans, and work with clients with all kinds of emotional issues, so I really wanted to do a clearing for my home office as there could be all kinds of negative energies here from clients, or possible ghosts, as it is an old house in New Orleans and many houses here are haunted. Julia did a wonderful job clearing my home from several entities, it feels a lot lighter and more welcoming. I also had problems with heavy drinking neighbor downstairs, and after Julia did the clearing he stopped bothering me. Thank you, Julia!"
- Irina in Louisiana