Hi there!  I'm Julia, an Akashic Records practitioner and Reiki Master.

I'm also a former techie (software engineer), a wannabe cartoonist, and a Corgi fanatic. :-)

I've received training in several intuitive and energy-based methods, and I'm always reading, learning, and expanding my understanding of the Universe and the soul-mind-body system.  While much of the information I work with can be seen as coming from the spiritual realm, this information is meant to be applied in very practical ways to solve real-life challenges, and I strive to present and interpret this information for my clients in a way that is accessible and actionable. 

I was first introduced to the world of metaphysics in early childhood by my energy healer mother, but didn't get into healing and intuitive work myself until much later. 

I first experienced the power of Soul Realignment® (an intuitive healing modality based on the Akashic Records) as a client, and was blown away by what I learned during the initial reading: the information validated what I'd always intuitively felt about myself but couldn’t explain, and it provided concrete reasons behind my challenges.  When I look back, I'm amazed by the energetic, emotional, and physical transformation I went through in just a few months of working with this method.  Most importantly, learning who I was at the core, behind all the negative conditioning, was the missing piece in my own journey of healing from a difficult childhood.  I'm thrilled to now be offering this transformational healing method to others as a practitioner! 

I'm formally trained in Angelic Reiki and have also studied a few other energy healing systems (a big fan of Barbara Brennan's work!)  In my energy healing sessions, I use a combination of energy-based methods as well as emotional work to create health results that are hard to achieve with Reiki alone, and I encourage my clients to be active participants in their own healing. 

On the personal side, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our hilarious Corgi pup.  I enjoy hiking, especially by the ocean, and various creative activities such as drawing, design, and woodworking. 

I believe that feeling well, whole, and empowered to be who we truly are is what many of us are ultimately striving for, and the key to that is deeper self-knowledge.  I look forward to helping you on your journey towards greater health, well-being, and fulfillment.  Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation if you'd like to chat about your goals and challenges and to understand how my services can help in your particular situation! 

Enjoying gorgeous views of San Francisco Bay, with Golden Gate Bridge behind me.

Training and Certifications:

  • Soul Realignment® Level 1 (Practitioner)

  • Soul Realignment® Level 2
    (Advanced Practitioner)

  • Soul Realignment® Level 3

  • Soul Realignment® The Soul Manifesting Blueprint

  • Soul Realignment® for Business and Financial Abundance

  • Angelic Reiki® Levels 1 & 2, 3 & 4, Advanced, Master Teacher


Favorite thing to do on weekends: hiking with my best buddy, preferably near the ocean! :)

Favorite thing to do on weekends: hiking with my best buddy, preferably near the ocean! :)

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