Hi there!  I'm Julia.

I’m an Akashic Records practitioner in the Soul Realignment tradition, and I help good souls all over the world understand their true gifts and purpose, break free from what's holding them back, and turn their work and life into an authentic expression of their soul purpose.

For most of my life, I've had a foot in two worlds: the "normal" world of business / art / technology and the more "ethereal" world of energy / spirit / metaphysics. After going back and forth, I eventually found my place in the middle: using spiritual tools to help people solve real-life challenges, heal, and achieve practical goals.

I was introduced to energy healing and metaphysics in early childhood by my energy healer mother. The seven-year-old me, who was still learning how to be human, was a bit overwhelmed by having to learn about things such as the human chakra system and to read esoteric books about Tibetan monks flying on spaceships with aliens. :) Back then, I tried to push away the "woo-woo" as much as I could, yet it did instill a certain worldview—and left me with an understanding of energy and many spiritual concepts, including the Akashic Records.

I went on to have a "normal" first career as a software engineer, and dabbled in a few other fields such as art and design, while at the same time always being on a spiritual path, which took different forms over the years. Eventually, the Universe led me to doing energy healing and spiritual work, and it was amusing to realize that I was now doing exactly what I resisted so much as a child. :)

I received formal training in Angelic Reiki (an energy healing method), Soul Realignment® (a healing/coaching modality based on the Akashic Records), and Beyond Quantum Healing (a form of past-life regression similar to QHHT), and I'm always reading, learning, and expanding my understanding of the Universe and the soul-mind-body system.

Having spent years both in the traditional working world and in spiritual studies, I bring a practical and grounded approach into my work. I believe that spiritual information is best used not to escape the real world, but to help us live a better life in the world.

I also believe that the foundation of a good life is fulfilling work that expresses our gifts and soul purpose and thus serves the world. A big part of my own “hero's journey” was discovering who I really was behind all the negative programming from a difficult childhood, discarding my blocks and limitations, then going through an intense process of choosing a career path that was aligned with my soul and turning that work into an actual business. And that is exactly what I love helping others with!

I look forward to being your supportive guide and champion as you embark on a journey to greater well-being and fulfillment. Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation if you'd like to chat with me about your unique goals and challenges and learn how we can work together!

Enjoying gorgeous views of San Francisco Bay, with Golden Gate Bridge behind me.

Training and Certifications:

  • Soul Realignment® Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner)

  • Soul Realignment® The Soul Manifesting Blueprint

  • Soul Realignment® for Business and Financial Abundance

  • Beyond Quantum Healing

  • Angelic Reiki® Levels 1 & 2, Levels 3 & 4, Advanced, Master Teacher


Favorite thing to do on weekends: hiking with my best buddy, preferably near the ocean! :)

Favorite thing to do on weekends: hiking with my best buddy, preferably near the ocean! :)

If you're interested in learning to read the Akashic Records or helping others access their past lives in hypnosis sessions, check out these resources: