Spirit Guide Team Profile reading

"Who is guiding me through life and what messages do they have for me?"

They are always there for you, guiding you towards your purpose and helping you learn your lessons.  Each has a unique personality, perspective, and a set of gifts that he or she brings to the team.  You may have been receiving messages from your Spirit Guides for a while, or are just now trying to connect with them.  Wouldn't it be great to know who these awesome beings actually are? 

I love doing Spirit Guide readings, because that is one session where everyone always has lots of fun!  Here's what you'll learn during this session: 

  • each of your Guides' name, gender, and appearance - if they identify with such;
  • each of your Guides' cosmic origin, special characteristics, gifts, and perspectives that they bring to your team; 
  • what areas of life or specific issues each Guide is helping you with;
  • your past-life connections with your Guides; 
  • what each Guide does to get your attention in daily life (ringing in the ear? a "tap" on the shoulder? a song popping into your head?);
  • what personal messages your Guides have for you at this time (you will receive a copy of the channeled messages);
  • whether you have any temporary Guides who are here on a special assignment to help you with a specific endeavor;
  • a little about the Guides who are outside of your immediate Guide team (Outer Circle versus Inner Circle) and what roles they play on your team;
  • which intuitive senses you are most gifted in and which of them are best fit for communicating with your Guides.

I can also draw a picture of a couple of your Spirit Guides for you (the drawing will be scanned and emailed to you).  Simply choose this option on the form when you schedule a reading. 

(This service is part of Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records as well as information offered by a client's Spirit Guides.)

I hope to start offering this reading again in the near future.

What clients are saying: 

"Your Spirit Guide reading was so insightful and helpful. We all have "friends" on the other side that are subtly, gently, and lovingly guiding us.  Thank you for connecting with mine. I especially found their messages for me so touching and loving. Your sketches of my Guides were simply beautiful. Julia, you have a gift. With heartfelt appreciation."
- Michelle in California


A few of the "characters" that have come through in these readings :-)

(And yes, of course Guides are souls/energy/consciousness without a body.  They may identify with an appearance they had in previous incarnations, or project a certain appearance for us to make themselves more relatable.  Some identify with a human form, others with an alien form, yet others can project a shape, a color, or an emotion...  It's always unpredictable, which makes it fun!)