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Soul Profile and full Akashic Record readings in August


It's an intense, emotional, confusing time between the special "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse we had on July 27th and "Lion's Gate" and the partial solar eclipse coming up on August 8th and 11th, with several planets currently being in retrograde at the same time!  It's a time for purging, for facing old issues and patterns that are coming up for processing and clearing, and a time of slowing down outwardly so we can focus inside and prepare ourselves for the next chapter. 

If you're looking for more clarity as to your soul-level gifts and purpose at this time, and maybe trying to discard what doesn't serve you and align your life with who you truly are, a Soul Profile Akashic reading could come in handy during this time.  You will gain clarity, insights, and confirmation of who you are on a very deep level and what choices are right for you

And if you're needing some help to uncover, understand, and clear the root causes of some persistent challenges or negative patterns in your life, whether in the area of health, career, finances, relationships, or emotional well-being, a full Akashic Record reading and clearing (which includes Soul Profile + Negative Influences) is something that can help you with that. 

I'm offering a special price on both of these readings during the month of August, knowing that many are now going through major changes and re-evaluation of their life and may need a little help gaining clarity.  If you've been curious about Akashic readings, now's a good time to try one! :) 

Use offer code ECLIPSE to get $20 off Soul Profile or full Akashic Record reading
 from now through the end of August. 
(The session itself can be scheduled for later in the year, if needed.)

(Offer expires at 11:59pm PDT on August 31st, 2018.)