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Valentine's Day Special

This Valentine's Day, give yourself and your sweetheart a one-of-a-kind, soulful experience.


♥  Discover who you and your partner are at soul level, including your soul origin and special gifts Learn to appreciate each other on a different level.

♥  Understand your differences at soul level and how they affect relationship dynamics.   

♥  Discover your shared past-life history: how often have you incarnated together and what roles did you play for each other in the past?

♥  Find out if you are soulmates or share any soul-level contracts, and how those contracts affect your bond.

♥  Understand the life lessons this relationship is helping each person learn, so you can see the meaning behind some of the challenges in your relationship.

♥  Discover the shared karma, energetic “baggage”, and negative beliefs you've brought into this relationship from the past and how that can be creating friction points and negative patterns within this relationship as well as in all of your relationships. 

♥  We will clear the negative energetic/karmic blocks affecting your relationship. 

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This fun reading is 45-60 minutes long, is done over the phone or voice chat, and you will receive a recording of our conversation.  (There is an option to have the information sent in written form, though it's not as much fun.)

The relationship reading can be done for:

  • two romantic partners (dating, engaged, married);

  • a parent and child or another combination of family members;

  • two friends or even business partners! 

It's fun when both persons can participate, however, participation of both persons is not required.

The relationship reading also makes a great gift for a newly engaged/married couple!  You can buy a gift certificate for your friends here.

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Book this reading by February 14th and pay only HALF the regular price! 

(The session itself can be scheduled for up to 6 months in the future, and can be rescheduled after booking.) 

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The Akashic Records are an energetic "database" that contains knowledge about who you are as a soul, every lifetime you've ever lived, and every choice you've ever made.  It also shows how you are connected with other souls. 

Julia is an advanced-level Akashic Records practitioner in the Soul Realignment®  tradition, who offers a variety of insightful and practical readings based on the Akashic Records, as well as Spirit Guide readings and energy healing sessions. 

Have questions?  Contact me!