Relationship Akashic Reading

"What’s our shared past-life history, how are we similar or different, what do we teach each other, what challenges affect our relationship?"

The relationship reading can be done for a couple (dating, engaged or married), a parent and child, two friends, or even business partners!  It's a wonderful way to understand each other on a deeper level, discover what the relationship teaches each person, and even gain insight into relationship dynamics caused by the past lives you two spent together. 

What you'll learn: 

  • Who each of you is on the soul level and important differences between you two that affect relationship dynamics. You will understand each other's gifts, needs, and quirks and learn to appreciate each other on a different level. Are you a person who needs lots of space and independence while your partner always insists on making decisions together and wants to be around you all the time? Are you two always fighting about what "common sense" means or how much love is "enough"?

  • The shared past-life history between the two souls. Are you meeting for the first time or have you spent many lifetimes together? Were you friends, family members, or lovers before? Does one of you always feel like the caretaker because he/she has always incarnated as the other person's parent in the past? Does your child refuse to obey you because she's always been your friend or even your parent in the past?

  • What life lessons this relationship is designed to help you learn. You may find that you’re constantly being tested on acceptance or forgiveness or assertiveness in your relationship - this may be exactly why your soul chose this partner or friend! Now you can thank them for helping you master your lessons.

  • Soul contracts that you share with each other and with other souls. Are you soulmates, or has one of you promised to protect or heal the other and is still trying to do that today?

  • Shared karma between the two souls. This may explain why you two keep facing the same situations within the relationship, why one of you always feels like the victim, or even why your partner keeps pushing your buttons.

  • Negative patterns and blocks from this or a past life that are affecting you or your partner in this relationship... or in all of your relationships! Often the same negative pattern repeats in all our relationships, and most of the time, the reason is us. We will clear those blocks so that you can move beyond those unwanted patterns, and sometimes even improve your current relationship.

The participation of both persons is not required for this reading (although it's so much fun!)  However, we do use ethical considerations when deciding whether it's OK to access the other person's Akashic Record.  In the case where the other person is neither your child nor current live-in partner and hasn't given their permission, we can still do this reading for you, but it will focus on your side of the relationship and the shared soul history. 

(This service is based on Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records and occasionally the client’s Higher Self to access information about the souls and to perform clearing work.)