Negative Influences Akashic reading and clearing

"What are the reasons behind my challenges?"

Negative influences are consequences of choices we made against our own nature in this or a past life, often in difficult circumstances.  While the past is behind us, these influences, if not resolved, can severely affect our current experiences, block us from fully expressing our nature and our gifts, and keep us unable to move forward towards our goals.  

You will be surprised how something from a long, long time ago can be causing your unreasonable fear, your "bad luck" in love, or your headaches and low energy levels.  The good news is: this reading can finally explain why you're experiencing your current circumstances and struggles and will offer you a way to break free of what's holding you back. 

Here are a few of the many ways negative influences can manifest in your current experience: 

  • persistent negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety 
  • negative thought patterns, such as self-doubt or being afraid to step into your own power 
  • self-sabotaging habits and behaviors you feel powerless to change 
  • the same dysfunctional patterns repeating in relationships / with family / at work for reasons you cannot understand
  • trouble attracting financial abundance and manifesting what you want 
  • attracting the same wrong type of romantic partner 
  • persistent health issues or lack of energy 
  • more severe personality issues such as being taken over by uncontrollable behaviors or experiencing possession 

An energetic clearing will remove the negative influences and provide an opportunity for you to break free from negative patterns and move forward.  Note that clearing work only opens the door: you have to walk through by actually making new choices and taking new actions in order to see real changes in your life. 

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that this reading is done after you've had your Soul Profile reading.

(This service is part of Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records to access information about the soul and to perform clearing work.)

You can also book a full Akashic Record reading and clearing, which includes this Negative Influences reading plus the Soul Profile reading (and save a little $$): 


What clients are saying: 

"My reading with Julia was far beyond anything I could have expected!  I didn’t have much knowledge about the Akashic Records, but she immediately put me at ease, and was very open to answering questions.  The reading was highly intuitive and explained so much about why I struggle with moving forward -- I felt stuck issues shaking loose even as we spoke. But the most surprising part for me was after the reading as I did the clearing “homework.”  Things that Julia had shown me began to release and unwind, opening up new possibilities for my future that I hadn’t thought possible.  This reading has helped me to finally jump in and embrace my life’s purpose."
- Lisa in Minnesota