Manifesting Blueprint analysis

"How am I designed to attract new circumstances and achieve my goals?"

Are you struggling to attain an elusive goal in your career, finances, relationships, or health?  Have you tried following someone else's success model precisely and failed miserably? 

Do you work hard at achieving your goals but always lose interest or self-sabotage when you've reached the goal or are about to?  Are you unable to stick to one thing and always crave variety in your work and life?  Do you have to always involve others in everything you do or does being around people only confuse you and cloud your vision? 

Success models are silly.  To achieve the same goal, two different persons will need to take two drastically different approaches!  That's because each of us is wired very differently and has our own unique perfect formula for manifesting and creating our reality. 

In this reading, you will discover YOUR unique ideal process (we call it The Soul Manifesting Blueprint) of shifting your vibrational state and, as a result, attracting the desired circumstances.  You will also learn how you are currently deviating from your blueprint in each of its different aspects.  

I ask that you come into this session with a specific intention for what concrete new life circumstances you want to create in your life in the next 3-6 months, and I will work with you to come up with a plan of action based on your unique manifesting formula that you would use to work towards your goal. 

Follow-up sessions are available upon request: I can help check your current alignment to your ideal manifesting process and help you course-correct as you work towards your vision over a period of time. 

(This service, Manifesting Blueprint Analysis, is part of Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records as well as the seventh-dimensional aspect of the soul to access information about the client's nature and ideal manifesting process.)