Life Situation Akashic reading and clearing

"What energetic and karmic blocks cause my current challenges?"

Sometimes we struggle to understand why certain challenges arise in our life, or why existing problems suddenly escalate.  It could be anything: conflicts at work, relationship issues, family drama, a stubborn health problem, emotional challenges, or everything going wrong at the same time!

This reading will help reveal the energetic and karmic causes behind your current challenging life situation.  You will be asked to describe what all is going on, I will sort out your issues by their energetic root cause, and together we will clear those underlying causes to help you resolve the situation.

This reading is recommended for those who have already had their full Akashic reading (Soul Profile + Negative Influences) done and want to continue discarding what no longer serves them so they can step more fully into their purpose.  However, new clients can request this reading as well, if a reading focused on a specific current problem is what serves them best.  Note that this Life Situation reading is best suited to address short-term/temporary new issues as opposed to lifelong challenges - the latter is best addressed by Negative Influences

We all carry layers of negative energetic and karmic influences that we've accumulated over many lifetimes, and it's impossible to clear everything at once: too much of an energetic shift would send us into a healing crisis!  After your initial reading and clearing, you probably felt more empowered and free, but after a little while you may find that new issues have emerged and are demanding your attention.  That means your soul is ready for more clearing so you can step even more fully into your purpose.  We can do this work together whenever you face new issues and want an energetic perspective on what's going on. 

Life Situation readings bring out not only the types of karmic/energetic blocks you're familiar with from your initial Akashic reading, but also things like chakra imbalances due to lifestyle choices, acquired or inherited beliefs and illusions, energetic cords with other people, environmental influences, and more

(This service is part of Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records to access information about the soul and to perform clearing work.)