Akashic Record Readings

We all want to know our soul purpose. We want to be free of blocks and limitations. We want to be able to express our true gifts and purpose through meaningful work that fulfills us and serves the world. The Akashic Records are here to help us with deep insight and practical guidance. (What are the Akashic Records?)

Choose a reading based on your need:


Understand your special gifts and soul purpose so you can choose a fulfilling path in life that aligns with your soul. Discover your cosmic roots and journey through many lifetimes.
Soul Profile Akashic Reading (all about who you are as a soul)
Comprehensive Akashic Record Reading and Clearing (includes the Soul Profile + clearing of negative karmic patterns)

Understand the energetic and karmic root causes of your negative emotional patterns, self-sabotaging habits, work, money, or relationship issues. Clear those blocks and move forward.
Comprehensive Akashic Record Reading and Clearing
Clear My Blocks Akashic Reading (recommended only after you’ve had an initial Soul Profile or Comprehensive Akashic Reading and want to keep peeling those layers of negative influences)

Learn how to effectively achieve your goals using your unique manifesting formula. Be guided to authentically express your gifts in your career and achieve greater freedom, abundance, and fulfillment through your purpose-driven work.
Manifesting Blueprint Reading (learn your unique manifesting formula and how to apply it)
• Business Alignment (an energetic tune-up for your business: align different areas of your business to achieve your financial goals - schedule a consultation to learn more)

Understand and appreciate your loved ones on a deeper level, explore your shared journey through many lifetimes, and clear negative karmic baggage affecting the relationship.
Relationship Akashic Reading (to address one or two specific relationships)
Family Akashic Reading (bring the whole family clan!)

Not sure what to choose or want a session tailored to your unique needs?

Let’s get on the phone to chat about your particular situation and needs and come up with a plan of action to help you get the answers you seek and achieve your goals!

You can also reach out by email.

Session logistics:

Sessions are conducted remotely using a virtual conferencing service which you can access from a phone or a computer anywhere in the world.  Sessions are recorded, and you will receive a link to download your session recording as an .mp3 file.  Payments are accepted through PayPal and Credit Card.  While live, interactive sessions are always preferred, readings can also be delivered in written form, if needed.

Readings can be combined and customized for your specific needs!  I’m always happy to provide personalized service and also to work with you over a period of time, supporting you on your unique journey. 

You can request a reading for yourself as well as for your child or partner!  It’s wonderful for parents to know who their child is on the soul level so that they can understand the child's unique gifts and struggles and how to support him/her best.  You can also purchase a session as a gift for another person!