Family Akashic Reading

"Who are my loved ones and how are we connected?"

You may know yourself, but how well do you really know your loved ones?

In this session, you'll learn who each of your family members is on the soul level and how you are connected to them through many lifetimes. Oh - and you can bring them to this session with you, so they can learn about you too! :)

This reading will generally accommodate a family of 4, but you can add an extra person or two, if needed.  (If you want a reading for just two persons, consider the Relationship Akashic Reading instead.) It’s up to you how many of your family members participate in the session by being on the phone with us in real time.

What we'll cover: 

  • Each person's main soul-level characteristics so that you can appreciate their unique gifts and understand how they tend to express themselves, why certain things annoy them, and how you can support them better.

  • How the differences between your soul-level personalities affect relationship dynamics.

  • Each person's cosmic origin - are you all from the same planet or is your family from all over the Universe?

  • Shared past-life history: which of your family members incarnated together in their past lives and what roles they played for each other.

  • What life lessons each person is learning through their relationships within the family.

  • How each person is designed to operate in daily life: does one of you always need to know the plan and hates disruptions? Does one of you make everyone else crazy by being chaotic and always changing the plan? Does one of you always need to stand out while others like to conform? How can you work with those differences and stay in harmony?

(This service is uniquely created by Julia, is based on Soul Realignment® modality, and uses the Akashic Records and higher-dimensional aspects of the soul to access information about each soul.)


What clients are saying: 

"I had a super insightful reading with Julia that instantly empowered me on my life path. She combines her Akashic Records reading with great interpersonal skills, offering practical explanations and advice that can be directly applied in my daily life. She also made sure that her readings were clearly understood and relevant to my current life situation. She truly is a translator and bridge between realms and I hope many more will find their way to her on their journey. I give Julia and her services my best recommendations."
- Caroline in Sweden