Clear My Blocks Akashic Reading and Clearing

"I want to understand and clear the energetic and karmic reasons behind my challenges."

Something in your life isn't working, and you don't understand why. It can be a recent undesirable situation or something that has plagued you all your life.

Lack of love/money/health, self-doubt, relationship problems... Let’s uncover the energetic and karmic root causes behind your challenges and clear them so that you can move forward with greater ease!

Most of our current problems can be traced to something that happened in the past, often lifetimes ago, and the Akashic Records are an excellent tool that helps us uncover what created the blocks that are now manifesting in your life as something undesirable.

Here are some of the many ways that energetic/karmic blocks from the past can manifest in your current experience: 

  • negative emotional or mental patterns, such as anxiety, self-doubt, or fear of stepping into your power;

  • inability to achieve financial abundance or manifest what you want;

  • you always attract the same wrong type of romantic partner;

  • the same negative patterns keep repeating in relationships or at work;

  • persistent health issues or lack of energy;

  • a period of unusual chaos at work or conflicts at home

  • a sense of being stuck or blocked in some area of life…

Typically we’ll cover several past-life stories, a few events from this current life, and sometimes also genetic influences to understand how these blocks were created.

An energetic clearing will remove the blocks we discover, making it easier for you to step out of the old negative patterns of choice. You will also receive an easy clearing homework to help you integrate the clearing and to remind you to make new choices.

While a clearing opens for you the door to transformation and healing, please understand that the effectiveness of this work will ultimately depend on:
- your willingness to be honest with yourself and be mindful of your choices in daily life;
- your willingness to take new action and make new choices in order to rewrite the old negative patterns that keep you stuck.

It is strongly recommended that you choose this session only after you’ve had a Soul Profile Reading or a Comprehensive Akashic Record Reading.

(This service is based on Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records to access information about the soul and to perform clearing work.)

What clients are saying: 

"My reading with Julia was far beyond anything I could have expected! I didn’t have much knowledge about the Akashic Records, but she immediately put me at ease, and was very open to answering questions. The reading was highly intuitive and explained so much about why I struggle with moving forward -- I felt stuck issues shaking loose even as we spoke. But the most surprising part for me was after the reading as I did the clearing “homework.” Things that Julia had shown me began to release and unwind, opening up new possibilities for my future that I hadn’t thought possible. This reading has helped me to finally jump in and embrace my life’s purpose."
- Lisa in Minnesota