how to use a pendulum

Pendulums 101 – using a pendulum

Pendulums 101 – using a pendulum

In the previous posts, we discussed how to buy, cleanse and program a pendulum.  Today, we're talking about the fun stuff – how to actually use a pendulum for healing, divination, and other, more unusual purposes.

So, what makes your pendulum move?

I've mentioned that the pendulum doesn't move by itself – it's just a rock on a string after all. So what makes it move then?

When you are holding a pendulum over someone's or your own chakra (energy center), it's the energy pattern of the chakra that makes the pendulum move.  The energy flowing into it from your hand also comes into play, but the pattern of movement will be defined by the chakra's state.

When you ask your Spirit Guides questions and use the pendulum to receive answers, I believe it's the Spirit Guides that move the pendulum.

In some psychic methods, we receive information from higher dimensions through our Higher Self, and the Higher Self passes a signal to our unconscious mind (the one that drives your car when you're thinking about something else and then wonder how you got home).  The unconscious mind then produces tiny movements in your arm, so tiny that to you it appears that your hand is perfectly still, and those tiny movements create motion in the pendulum.