What are the Akashic Records and what can they do for YOU?


In your memory, there’s a history of your life: the events and situations that happened, the choices you made, perhaps the emotions that accompanied all those…

The Universe also keeps a record on you, only that record covers not only your current lifetime, but all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived: your whole history from the moment you became an individual soul, a unique expression of the Source. We call this record your Akashic Record.

Every living being, human and non-human, and even every location (from a house to a planet!) has an Akashic Record of its own. So the Akashic Records are an energetic database that contains knowledge about - and history of - everything that exists.

Is there a particular place where the Akashic Records reside?

It depends on the perspective of whom you ask, but the general consensus is that the Records are not on the physical plane and therefore don’t have a specific location. Some say they are energetic records held in the 5th dimension (or even that they are the 5th dimension - the dimension of information).

Many have described seeing the Akashic Records in their mind’s eye as a hall, or a library, where every book in an individual soul’s Record or just one of its past lifetimes. Others see the Records as a tapestry, where every soul’s path through lifetimes is a thread in that tapestry, interwoven with other souls’ paths. I tend to think that our subconscious mind offers those metaphors, such as the library and the tapestry, to help us relate better to something that has no physical form and to help us find the information we need, or maybe those images/forms were constructed by our collective consciousness.

So what’s in your Akashic Record?

One of the most important pieces of information you can find in your Record is about who you are as a soul and how you were originally designed when you first became an individual expression of the Divine. This means your eternal gifts and soul purpose - the thing everyone wants to know! :) It also shows how you are designed to “operate” and create your reality (which in a practical sense means: how you achieve your goals in the most effective and inspired way).

Another thing you can learn is your cosmic origin: while we all come from the one Source of all Being, most of us identify with one or two specific places in the Universe where we spent many incarnations and which we are most similar to vibrationally. It can be planet Earth, but for most folks interested in things like the Akashic Records, it will be a planet in a different star system, another galaxy, or even another dimension or parallel Universe!

We can also find out what other places in the Universe where you’ve incarnated other than here and your home world, and how long you’ve been on this planet Earth - are you a first-timer or a veteran with hundreds of Earthly lifetimes under your belt? Fascinating, isn’t it?

Not surprisingly, your Akashic Record contains a detailed history of all the lifetimes your soul has ever lived, including all the events, all the choices you made, the emotions and thoughts that came with that, and all the energetic and karmic “baggage” that those lifetimes created.

You may also find in your Record some lifetimes of other souls, which you didn’t personally live but chose to imprint yourself with and that became part of your personal history. We do that when someone else’s lifetime carries the learning that we’ll need to draw upon in our upcoming incarnation, or when we’re getting ready to incarnate in a new place (on a planet we’ve never lived on before) and need some “experience” to use for reference, just like you would watch a YouTube video of someone spending a day in Thailand before traveling there yourself. That’s why so many remember “being Jesus” or “being Cleopatra” - in most cases, those are imprinted lifetimes.

We can also understand how you are related to people in your life - how many lives you’ve spent together, what roles you’ve played for each other, and what you’re working on within your relationship in this life.

And of course, we can discover a lot about your current lifetime as well, such as the life lessons you chose for yourself in this life, and what negative baggage and blocks from the past are affecting you in your current experience.

This is a short summary, and there’s really so much more gold to be found in our Akashic Record!

Why do we need an “external storage” for our history - isn’t the soul’s memory enough?

Besides covering more than just this present lifetime, there’s another difference between your Akashic Record and your human memory (or even soul memory): your Akashic Record contains a neutral, non-biased version of the events, while your memory is subjective and reflects your unique perspective (conditioning, beliefs, blocks, blind spots…)

Also, unlike your human mind and memory, your Akashic Record doesn’t just miss or forget things that happened, and it never fails to see the cause-and-effect relationship between what you’re experiencing now and something that happened in your childhood or even in a past life.

In other words, your Akashic Record can offer a more neutral perspective on your past and present and can help you understand why certain experiences are in your life and how you created them through your own past choices.

It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes, your view of yourself and your gifts can become skewed or clouded by the conditioning you’ve received or the negative choices you’ve made over many lifetimes. Your Akashic Record knows exactly how your soul was originally “designed” by the Source and what your true eternal gifts and soul purpose are. Sometimes the biggest reason for our lack of success and fulfillment in life is that we’ve forgotten who we are and are trying to operate outside our gifts and purpose.

How can we find the information we need in the Akashic Records?

In general, we do that by locating the relevant Akashic Record - you own or someone else’s (with their permission!) - and asking specific questions, while having a very clear understanding of whatever it is we’re asking about.

But as you can imagine, if every event, every choice, and even every thought of every one of your hundreds (or maybe thousands!) of lifetimes is in your Record, that’s a ton of information! Where do we even start?

This is where someone like myself comes in, a practitioner who knows what information is available to us in the Records, how to retrieve, put together, and interpret that information, and how to use it to help another person find answers, make the right choices, heal, overcome their challenges, or achieve their goals.

I do want to mention that you are always empowered to access your own Record, and there are many guided meditations online to help you do just that. Also, many intuitives tap into information from the Akashic Records while doing their work without even realizing that. So this information is not for the “chosen few” with “special skills”. However, it is very useful to learn how to consciously work with the Records so that we don’t end up receiving wrong information (when there are blocks that distort the truth, for example) or receiving something we don’t know how to interpret correctly or apply in our life.

So how can information from the Akashic Records help us in a practical sense?

While sky is really the limit, based on the work I’ve been doing with the Akashic Records so far, here are a few general areas that the Records can help you with.

  • Deeper self-knowledge
    Some of the things you can learn are:
    - your soul-level gifts, traits, and skills, soul purpose, and challenges inherent in your nature
    - your cosmic origin / star ancestry and journey through many lifetimes
    - your life lessons
    - your intuitive gifts and healing abilities
    - what career paths or ways of life are most aligned to your nature and soul purpose

  • Healing and transformation
    - understand what holds you back in your career, finance, relationships, health, or emotional well-being
    - discover how energetic blocks and negative karmic patterns were created in a past life or earlier in this life and are affecting you today
    - CLEAR this energetic and karmic baggage so you can overcome your challenges and move forward

  • Guidance to achieve your big goals
    - learn your unique ideal formula for manifesting what you want in career, finances, or relationships
    - clear the blocks and patterns standing in your way
    - learn to take effective and aligned action that gets you to your goal in 1-2-3

  • Improved relationships
    - discover who your loved ones are on the soul level
    - learn to appreciate their unique gifts
    - understand your differences
    - discover your shared past-life history and soul contracts
    - remove blocks negatively affecting the relationship

  • Success in business
    Yes, even businesses are energetic entities that we can access through the Akashic Records! In fact, when our business or practice in an authentic expression of our gifts and purpose, we are in true service to humanity through our purpose-driven work.
    We can analyze your existing business or one you’re planning to start to find what needs to change in your services, marketing, sales, contributors or business tools and systems to correct misalignments and allow money to flow into your business more abundantly. Who knew information from the spiritual realm could be so practical?

Ready to experience the wisdom and transformative power of YOUR Akashic Record?

I’ve helped many good souls around the world understand their gifts and purpose, break free from limitations, gain clarity in relationships, find more fulfillment at work, or create greater success in business — all by using information from the Akashic Records. Take a look at my offerings or schedule a free consultation and let’s talk about what YOU are trying to create in your life and how I (and your Akashic Record!) can help you on your journey.