Introducing Akashic Tuesdays!

There's some exciting news I've been keeping under wraps, guys... 🙂  I was recently invited to host a monthly show on News for the Soul radio!  We've named it Akashic Tuesdays, and on this show, we'll be discussing various fascinating topics and doing mini Akashic readings for listeners. 

The show will run every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT.
Listen LIVE when the show is on
Listen to REPLAYS (go to the ARCHIVES tab)

Our first episode was recorded earlier this week and you can find it below in this post (or use this link instead).  Nicole Whitney, the founder of News for the Soul, was interviewing me about my personal journey and my work.  The hour flew by so fast!!  Check out the episode if you'd like to hear my life story, how I came to do this work, and what is possible when working with the Akashic Records. 

And by the way, check out all the amazing talent on the News for the Soul network - as I've been listening to various shows, I was blown away by all these different healers and intuitives that I'd never heard of and now want a session with! 🙂 

Cheers, and I hope you guys tune in for future episodes! 🎉