Change your timeline: tweak your past to heal the present


Is there something in your past that you wish you could change?  

It could be a minor as you not showing up as your best self in a past situation and now feeling guilty and full of regret over the way you acted, wishing you could go back and reshoot that scene. 

Or it could be something as big and life-changing as having been abused or mistreated by your parents or former partner in the past and then spending your life up until now trying to heal, rebuild your confidence, and deal with the many wounds and limitations that trauma left you with. 

I believe if you're a human, there's almost 100% chance that there's something you wish you could go back and change. :) 

While it may sound like magic, there actually is a way to go back and rewrite the past, and thus change our current experience. 

Today I want to share with you a "change your timeline" practice, and I want you to try it even if you're skeptical.  We really don't know if something works until we test it out for ourselves.  Especially if you had major trauma in life, I'd like you to try it - if only to see who you would have been and how life would have felt had that trauma not affected you the way it did. 

I've heard of this idea of going back to change and heal the past (whether it's in this life or even in a past life!) from multiple sources, and I'll share a version of the practice that I developed for myself based on that idea. 

. . .

So first, choose a situation in the past that is still causing you anguish or difficulties today.  It could be something you did, someone else did to you, or just something that happened and affected you deeply.  Let's pick two examples, to make it easier: 

1. You were unkind, petty, and competitive in a particular past situation, and you now feel massive regret and shame whenever you think of it.  You just can't seem to let go of that memory. 

2. You were emotionally abused by narcissistic/psychopathic parents (or an ex), and have gone through life with emotional trauma, massive self-doubt, zero confidence, no self-respect; you have not stepped up to your true potential since you were taught to see yourself as worthless, and maybe you have even attracted behaviors from other people that resonated to your inner state ("I am unworthy").  
And, as is often the case with sensitive souls, you may have picked up a self-sabotaging habit or addiction to help you deal with the stress of growing up with an abusive parent, and are now unable to step out of that self-destructive behavior.

. . .

Once you've chosen the situation to work on, make sure you can be alone and uninterrupted for 20-30 minutes to do this exercise. 

Empty your mind of various distractions and focus inward.  What I like to do to prepare for any kind of meditation or practice is:

1. Grounding.  
Imagine roots going from your feet down into the Earth.  These days I like to ground to "the New Earth", the 5D version of our planet that is lighter, healthier, and more conscious.  You can send out a beam of light with gratitude towards the core of the Earth, and wait for it to send love back to you, to build a stronger connection. 

2. Merging with the Higher Self.
You can imagine a ball of brilliant white light a foot or two above your head descending and settling in your heart center.  I like how Cameron Day calls our Higher Self our "Divine Inner Self", as it's supposed to be inside us, not out there floating above us.  Imagine that white light at your heart center grow bigger and bigger until it envelops your whole body.  You can affirm: "I am one with my Divine Inner Self (or Higher Self)".  I heard that it's good to call in the Higher Self whenever we do any kind of deeper practices that involve healing. 

3. You can stay in silence or play meditative music to set the tone.  There are lots of great tracks here.

. . .

Now, mentally go back to the beginning of that situation/event/period of time that you wish to change.  Imagine it vividly.  You may get emotional. 

It's time to reshoot that scene! 

IMPORTANT: we will only be changing our own actions, emotional responses, interpretations, etc.  We will not be changing other people's actions towards us.  They have their Free Will, which we cannot interfere with.  

So in our first example, you acting petty and unkind, you would imagine yourself taking a moment to connect with your inner wisdom and then responding with kindness, patience, and generosity in that situation.  You can replay that edited scene several times in your mind, until it feels very real, just like a real memory.  Our imagination is underrated: it's actually a very powerful tool, so don't feel like you're just making stuff up!  You are changing your timeline! 

In our second example, being emotionally abused by a parent, you could imagine that when that abusive behavior started (remember, we're not changing someone else's actions), you were actually able to remember who you really were: you are a Divine being, powerful and perfect, and you never deserve hurtful words or disrespectful behaviors from others.  You were not who your parent (or partner) said you were.  You were not "stupid", "unworthy", "ugly", "unwanted", "incompetent", "helpless", "guilty", "confused"...  

Imagine yourself as a child being told those things, but now see yourself rejecting those untruthful messages and negative self-beliefs that your abusive parent was trying to program into you.  Imagine yourself saying, "NO, this is not who I am.  I remember my true self, and I stand strong in that knowledge."  Imagine that the parent's hurtful words just bounced off of you and flew off (or hit them right in the head, if you like).  Imagine that you had the wisdom and self-awareness to remain confident and standing in your own power, seeing things very clearly. 

Imagine the time when you first started to reach for that substance or harmful action that later became an addiction or self-sabotaging habit in order to deal with living with a psychopathic parent.  Imagine having the presence and wisdom during that time that made you say, "No, I can't do this to myself.  I'm going to stop myself right now or it will become a bigger problem later."  You can imagine yourself releasing that stress in a healthier way: running, dancing, drawing, praying, meditating...  Imagine a few situations where you handled your stress in a healthier way. 

. . .

Then we need to adjust the timeline between then and now, because you would have had a very different life experience if you hadn't succumbed to the negative programming and habits in childhood.  Visualize yourself back in grade school, this time carrying yourself with greater confidence, speaking up, taking initiative, and expecting only respect and benevolence from your peers and teachers.  Play that in your head like a movie - it's surprisingly easy!  How did other kids treat you when you carried yourself that way? 

Fast forward and visualize yourself at your first job - how are you carrying yourself?  Do you believe in your own competence and value?  Are you expecting respect and benevolence from others?  Can you see them reacting to you differently when you're carrying yourself that way?  Notice how those scenes you're visualizing feel just like real memories.  You are now building new memories in your new timeline. 

Does everything feel lighter and happier and more optimistic when you go through life with confidence and awareness of your own value and goodness, without any of those negative self-beliefs that you rejected in this version of your life? 

And how is your experience different without that addiction or self-sabotaging habit?  Do you look healthier and more attractive?  Does that make you even more confident? 

Bring to mind a few photos you have of yourself from the past.  What do you look like in those photos now, as this "new you": are you more confident, beautiful, and healthy-looking? 

Go through various memories of your life: mingling with coworkers in the break room, dating someone, traveling on vacations...  How do all these situations look and feel to the "new you" in them?  Are you enjoying your life more without the inner anguish and self-consciousness, without expecting negativity from others? 

Do you now see yourself as a bright shining light, operating at your full potential, and brightening the day for everyone who comes in contact with you?  Are other people attracted to the bright light that you are?  

You were supposed to be that bright shining light, and that abusive parent or former partner dimmed that light.  But it's not lost.  It's still in you.  You can now bring it out and live as if it's been there all along.  That's why we're rewriting your timeline, to help you regain that light! 

Fast forward to the present moment, where you are right now.  How does it feel to be this "new you" in this present moment?  Have you just naturally assumed a more confident posture, without noticing it?  Are you full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on the day, knowing that you're confident and perfect and can only expect that others will respect and like you and treat you well?  Feels good, doesn't it?  It's a totally different experience. 

. . .

You have changed your timeline.  Now you need to carry on as that "new you", who never succumbed to those negative self-beliefs and who has lived his/her life as a confident, bright shining light that attracts only happy experiences and positivity from other people. 

Remind yourself throughout the day that you are this new you (get back in the character!), and that the old timeline is no more.  If you're trying to change harmful habits, you can hold an image of a healthier, more energetic, more good-looking you in mind, as if that was your current reality.  See everything through the eyes of that person from your new, positive version of reality.  Change your hairstyle if you need a reminder! :) 

If the effects start fading over time, you can do this practice again.  It's easier to rewrite a small event, like the one in our first example, but rewriting something big and profound may take more effort and discipline on your part. 

. . .

I believe that consciousness is primary, and physical matter is secondary.  That means, even though physical reality changes much more slowly than our thoughts/consciousness, your physical reality will eventually catch up to your new inner state and will one day match it. 

In our first, easy example, you should now be able to think back to that situation without feeling guilt or regret, it will be a neutral memory now, and it shouldn't even pop up in your head so often anymore.  

In the second case, well, that example was actually based on my real life, and I'm still watching the results of doing this practice unfold for me, but what I can say is that this new self-perception has definitely changed my experience of everyday life.  It's also given me the opportunity to see who I would have been had my light not been dimmed early in life by my abusive narcissistic mother, and just how magical my life would have been had I been able at the time to remember who I really was and to reject the negative programming that she imposed on me.  

It makes me mad, but I'm also determined to defiantly let this light shine brightly now, going forward, as if I've gone through my whole life with confidence and self-worth, and to step up to my potential.  You may also experience sadness or anger when you "see" just how happy your life could have been, and I encourage you to also defiantly shine your light brightly from now going forward.  This "new you" is who you were supposed to be.  Be it now. 

I hope you guys try this practice of changing your timeline, and I hope it brings much healing to you, so you can go through the rest of your life as the bright light that you are. ☀️🌟

"But" #1

But... the first step of emotional healing is "accept what happened to you": aren't we trying to deny what happened? 

We're not, and remember - we're not changing the course of events or what somebody else did to you.  We're changing your response. 

If we're talking about trauma here, I'm sure you've already done the work of accepting what happened and working through it.  Now it's time to heal on another level. 

"But" #2

Didn't we pick all the tough life lessons ourselves before incarnating?  

In most cases, we did.  (As I've learned only recently, in some cases we ended up in bad families or situations not by choice, but we won't go into that today.)

You have probably already learned what you needed from that lesson, and that knowledge and wisdom will stay with you.  However, having a tough lesson in your life plan doesn't mean you have to suffer all your life!  It also doesn't prescribe exactly how you were to experience that life lesson: in our second example, you didn't have to be a child who bought into all the negative programming - you had a choice to deal with the situation in a different way.  What if your soul was actually hoping that you would handle that lesson better, and you're now trying to do just that? 

We are simply going back to handle an event or situation in a wiser way, in order to stop suffering now. 

"But" #3

But how does it work?  Aren't we just doing wishful thinking? 

Honestly, I'm not sure how exactly that works, but I see that it does. :) 

This is a hard concept for our logical mind to grasp, and I'm still struggling to understand it, but apparently, every time we make a meaningful decision, that spins off a parallel version of reality, so that our Higher Self (and the Source) can experience itself through both choices (what happens if I marry this person and what happens if I don't).  I'm not sure if by doing this exercise we're jumping into a different version of reality, creating a new version, or merely rewriting the only one we have, but frankly those details are not as important as the positive effects we can create for ourselves in what we experience as our current reality.  

It seems illogical and impossible for us to go back to the past and change it.  However, linear time only exists in our 3-dimensional experience.  The higher-dimensional aspect of your Being is living all of its lifetimes now.  That's how we're able to even go back to what we see as a past life that is affecting us now (phobia of flying now due to an airplane crash in another life), bring a different perspective to our "past" self in that moment to help it process the painful event better (death from the crash), and thus change our current experience (heal the phobia).  This is an actual method being used today by many practitioners, so if we can do this with past lives, shouldn't we be able to do it with the present one? 

Recently I heard a past life regression therapist mention that in one of her sessions, the client's Higher Self was urging all of us to heal our timelines and was suggesting a very similar technique.  We live during a big transition on the planet, and it's high time for us to discard our baggage and heal so that we're ready to let our gifts shine and to be of service to others as we all build a new paradigm of living on this planet.  I'm motivated by this.  Are you?