Why is this horrible person in my life?


Now that Valentine's Day is behind us, let's talk about folks who are not so nice to us! 😈💩

In the heat of the moment, we take another person's negative/hateful/manipulative/abusive actions towards us quite literally.  ("He/she is a jerk!")

However, when we dig a little deeper, we can uncover some not-so-obvious reasons for why someone is such a negative presence in our life.

1️⃣️  It may be that the other soul (that jerk!) agreed to come into your life and play a negative role to assist you in learning some lessons or developing certain qualities.  You may be working on acceptance, self-assurance, confidence, discernment, forgiveness, inner strength or another "theme" in this life, and the difficult relationship is there to provide the training ground for you.

2️⃣️  It may be that you and the other person share past-life history and have some mutual karma to work out in this life, e.g. you being the victim who agrees to be bound by the other person's will.  That mutual karma will keep creating the same dynamics in your relationship until you learn the lesson and make a different choice to break that cycle.

3️⃣️  Sometimes it's just you who has brought some patterns over from another lifetime, and the energy of those patterns keeps attracting the same characters and the same situations into your life.  E.g. you are carrying the energy of "drama" or "misunderstanding", and that energy will attract more of the same.

4️⃣️  You may have inherited some ancestral contracts or agreements when you were born into your family of origin.  Those can be contracts around certain emotional patterns or relationship patterns, and even though it's not your personal baggage, you will still attract circumstances and people according to those contracts.

5️⃣️  You are an empath and so you naturally attract narcissists and all sort of folks who take advantage of your sensitive, giving, caring nature and your thin energetic boundaries to feed on your energy.  Be very mindful of codependent tendencies and the ego boost you get from being needed by others.

6️⃣️  You consider yourself a "lightworker" or are just a compassionate person who wants to help everyone, heal everyone, fix everyone.  Because of that intention (which you may have been born with or adopted later in life), you will attract people who need healing, need fixing... and most of all need a big kick in the butt.

7️⃣️  However, sometimes it is just that: he/she IS a jerk.  And you simply need to work on setting and maintaining your boundaries to keep such folks away!

By no means is this a complete list, but I hope it gives some food for thought to those of you dealing with a negative family member, friend or coworker. 

Next time you're dealing with a jerk in your life, notice what pattern keeps repeating and what choice you keep making on a subtle or not so subtle level.  Making a different choice is often the key to breaking out of that pattern!