Pendulums 101 – using a pendulum


In the previous posts, we discussed how to buy, cleanse and program a pendulum.  Today, we're talking about the fun stuff – how to actually use a pendulum for healing, divination, and other, more unusual purposes.

So, what makes your pendulum move?

A pendulum doesn't move by itself - after all, it's just a rock on a string.  So what makes it move then?

When you are holding a pendulum over a person's chakra (energy center), it's the energy pattern of the chakra that makes the pendulum move.  The energy flowing into it from your hand also comes into play, but the pattern of movement will be determined by the chakra's state.

When you ask your Spirit Guides questions and use the pendulum to receive answers, I believe it's the Spirit Guides that move the pendulum.

In some types of psychic work, we receive information from higher dimensions through our Higher Self, and the Higher Self passes a signal to our unconscious mind (the one that drives your car when you're thinking about something else and then wonder how you got home).  The unconscious mind then produces tiny movements in your arm, so tiny that to you it appears that your hand is perfectly still, and those tiny movements create motion in the pendulum.


Using a pendulum in healing: how to check chakra state


I use a pendulum in my Reiki / energy healing sessions regularly.  While some of us are intuitively guided to work on specific chakras, and while I can feel energy quality with my hands, I prefer a somewhat “technical” approach: I go through all energy centers one by one and determine the state of each, so that I know what physical/emotional problems a client may be experiencing and what needs to be corrected during the session.

To measure a chakra's state, hold your pendulum over the chakra, and inch or two away from the body.  It's best if your patient is lying down.  Try to hold your hand still without getting too stiff (holding your elbow to the side of your body helps stabilize the arm).  The pendulum will start moving: give it a little time, sometimes what initially looks like a circular motion eventually settles into a side to side motion – let the movement pattern stabilize before you make a conclusion and move on to the next energy center.

Note that chakras 2 through 6 have a front and a back aspect, which are responsible for somewhat different aspects of functioning (the back aspect is, logically, at the same level as the front aspect but is accessible from a patient's back).  For a complete picture of a client's health and emotional functioning, you may want to check both. 

I rely on Barbara Brennan's explanations for what different chakra energy patterns mean.  Here are some basics:

Clockwise:  This is what we want!  The chakra is open and balanced, and is metabolizing energy from the Universal Field like it should. 

Counterclockwise:  The chakra is closed and may be sending energy out, which on the mental level means projecting our version of reality instead of receiving information from the world outside.

Side to side:  A horizontal block - the person may be holding down their energy and feelings in the corresponding area of psychological functioning (e.g. block on the 2nd chakra = suppressing emotions such as anger instead of expressing them).

Up and down:  A vertical block - the person may be directing their energy upwards instead of expressing themselves in the corresponding area of functioning.  Think of what we call “spiritual bypassing”, i.e. clinging to spiritual theories and justifications instead of addressing our issue at the physical level. 

Diagonally:  Another type of block that indicates an imbalance between passive and aggressive response, which means a person may be habitually reacting in a passive way when the situation calls for a more assertive stance on their part. 

No motion:  If the pendulum stays completely still, then the chakra is not functioning, there is no energy flow through it.  

There are a number of other types of patterns you may see; I highly recommend Brennan's books if you're interested in this topic. 

So this is how we determine chakra state.  If you're interested in how to actually work with chakras to remove blocks and open and balance the chakras, I'm planning to add another article that would cover this in detail - stay tuned! 


Using a pendulum for dowsing / divination


Some of us are lucky to be able to hold long conversations with our Spirit Guides using words (through clairaudience), images (clairvoyance), pure knowing (claircognizance)... and others are incredibly frustrated when the former group makes it sound so easy! :)  This section of the article is for those of us who need a little help to communicate with our Guides while we're still developing our intuitive senses.

First things first, safety!  There can be all kinds of beings in Spirit in our proximity, without us knowing.  I like to make sure that when I'm dowsing, I know where the answers are coming from.  I would ask Archangel Michael to surround me with protection (place a dome of protection over my room, or place me in a bubble of protection – whatever image you prefer), and I'd state my will that only my own Spirit Guides and Angels are allowed in my space.  Then, I would state the intention that only my Spirit Guides are allowed to move my pendulum at this time.  Of course, if you're skilled in psychic protection, are sensitive to energetic presences around you, and regularly clear your space, you may not need all this, but if you're a beginner, I advise to use caution to make sure the information you receive is reliable. 

Now that we know who we're talking to, we can proceed to asking questions! 

It's easiest to frame your questions as YES/NO questions.  You have already programmed your pendulum and know exactly which movement pattern means Yes, No, and Undecided.  So just ask, and watch the pendulum respond.

At times, we don't receive an answer.  Accept that you don't need to know the answer at this time, or try reframing your question.  To get good results, make sure your question is very specific, is very clear in your own mind, and is about YOU and your life.  I find that Guides are reluctant to answer questions about other folks unless it's something that directly affects us – first of all, it's not their job to know things about others, and second, let's respect other folks' privacy! :)  However, if you're in the midst of a healing session and need to ask your patient's Guides a question that will help you serve the patient better, you can do that.

If you have a “multiple choice” type of question, you could dowse for it as in this example:  “Which of the following is the cause of my fatigue:  Is it a physical issue?" (you will get a Yes or a No from the pendulum)  "Is it an energetic issue?"  (yes/no)  "Is it an energy drain related to an energetic connection with another person?"  (yes/no)  ...and so on.

Another, perhaps clearer, option for multiple choice questions is to make a DIY dowsing chart. Take a piece of paper, mark the center, and write down possible answers around it in such a manner that whichever way the pendulum swings, it will point to one of the answers in an unambiguous way.  Hold the pendulum over the center point, ask your question, and see which answer the pendulum swings towards.  I find that if none of the answers are “it” or the answer is unknown, the pendulum will just keep moving in circles without pointing at anything in particular.  Perhaps the right answer wasn't on your chart, or the question is unclear. 

In some psychic methods we use a pendulum to receive answers, but those answers come from higher dimensions through our Higher Self, and not from Spirit Guides.  The principle is the same though. 

(If you're interested to learn who your Spirit Guides are, what messages they have for you, and how you can communicate with them better, check out this super fun Spirit Guide Team Profile reading that will introduce you to your team of helpers in Spirit!)


More exotic uses for a pendulum

One surprising application of a pendulum is to check how good a food item is for you.  Yes, really!  I learned that from a fun presentation by a local practitioner Erin.  Food has a certain energetic value, or aliveness, and we can measure that value by holding a pendulum over the item.  The larger the circle the pendulum makes, the more healthy energetic value there is for us in this food item.  Compare fresh organic tomatoes to a piece of candy with a ton of processed sugar!  So next time you wonder which oil is healthier to cook with, your pendulum can answer that question for you. :)  If a food item has been sitting around for too long and you're not sure it's still safe to eat, you can use the same method (but don't let that override your common sense or your sense of smell!)

How has your experience been working with a pendulum?  Do you know of any other helpful or surprising ways to use it?  Please share in the comments!