Causes of energy leaks


One of the major reasons folks seek energy healing is fatigue, or feeling energetically drained.  Now, of course there are plenty of physical, psychological, and lifestyle reasons for fatigue: illnesses, infections, chemical imbalances in the body, depression, feeling unmotivated, sleep disorders, poor sleeping habits, poor nutrition, nutrition that doesn't match our unique needs, too much physical or mental work, being WAY too busy every day, and the list goes on.  When none of these are at play and an otherwise healthy person still constantly feels like a deflated balloon, sometimes there's an energetic reason behind that.  Let's look at some of the causes of energy drain, some obvious, others surprising. 

Closed or blocked chakras reduce energy intake or flow

In the previous post, I mentioned the different states a chakra can be in – open, closed, blocked, still, etc. as well as how to determine that state.  Chakras absorb energy from the Universal Energy Field and metabolize it for healthy functioning of our physical, emotional, and energetic systems.  When a chakra is closed or still, it's not bringing energy into our system, and a blocked chakra will reduce the flow of energy within the system as it presents as a blockage in energy's way. 

When the root chakra (our 1st chakra) is not in a healthy state, the drop in overall physical energy levels will be particularly noticeable. 

Chakras can also be damaged or disfigured as a result of physical or emotional trauma, which will also severely affect energy intake or flow through that chakra.

Reiki, Bioenergetics, and other types of energy therapies help heal, open, and balance chakras, remove energetic blocks, restore healthy energy flow, and nourish your whole system with healing energy. 

Tears in the energetic membrane cause energy leaks

Our energy field is surrounded by a membrane, sometimes referred to as the Golden Web, to keep us in integrity as an energetic being.  That membrane may carry one or more tears, which is usually the result of experiencing a particularly traumatic situation in this or a past life.  A tear means that our vital energy is leaking out, and since each tear is associated with a specific chakra, it will affects the chakra and thus the physical and emotional area of functioning governed by it. 

Example: in one of the previous lifetimes, a person lost a loved one in a particularly traumatic way, and that literally tore his heart apart.  In this lifetime, this person's energetic membrane contains a tear at the heart chakra (the 4th energy center), and he is constantly experiencing physical problems with the heart and/or issues with self-love and loving relationships.  His overall energy level is somewhat reduced as a result of the energy leak, and depending on the state of his 4th chakra, it may be further reduced if the chakra is blocked or closed. 

If a person carries multiple tears in the membrane (a couple is common, while 6 or 7 is a lot!), that means there's a massive energy leak, and likely severe health issues as a result. 

As part of Akashic readings focused on negative blocks, such as the Negative Influences reading, we check for energetic membrane tears, research the present or past-life situations that caused them, and help a client heal those tears to strengthen their energetic system and heal the associated emotional or physical issues. 

Energetic connections with other people

We're constantly interacting with others, whether in person or electronically.  For energy, there is no distance: if we're thinking about someone, we're sending them energy.

It's normal and healthy for us to have energetic connections with family members, partners, and close friends.  When a child is in trouble, a mother would somehow know it no matter how far away she is – because the two are energetically linked.  You can imagine an energetic connection as a cord tied to each person's solar plexus, or sometimes the heart center, depending on the relationship.  We can send and receive energy through these connections.

Do you have a family member or a friend that you care about deeply, but who's constantly in trouble or adversity?  I bet you often feel exhausted after listening to them talk about their latest misfortunes (and then feel bad about feeling bad).  Well, they're draining your energy!  It's often unconscious: they just know they feel better after “unloading” in front of someone, when in fact they feed on your energy when they do so. 

If you're a loving, caring person, who is by nature very compassionate, a healer, therapist or simply someone people just LOVE telling about their problems, you are likely to have many energetic connections with others!  You may feel good about the compassionate work you do, but feel drained at the end of the day.

I will be doing a separate post just about managing energetic connections with others and what you can do to protect yourself from being drained.

Energetic vampires

I won't say much about this, because who hasn't heard of “energetic vampires”?  Those are the folks who would provoke negative reactions in us (fear, anger, shock, resentment, disempowerment) and then feed on the negative energy that our reactions generate.  Not easy when it's a family member who you can't easily cut ties with.  Just know that every time you allow them to get a reaction out of you (we do have some control over our reactions!), they're essentially receiving a tasty snack made out of your energy.

Entity attachments

OK, this conversation is getting a little darker. :)

Negative entities are either souls or thought forms that attach to us and feed on our energy.  Yikes!  But before you freak out: entity attachments are very common.  Most folks live their whole life without noticing those attachments! 

Some types of entities are attracted to us because of vibrational similarity between them and us and simply feed on our energy so that they can continue their existence in their present form.  Other entities attach to us through some shared history we have with them, some sort of connection or contract we had with them when both were incarnated in a previous (rarely current) lifetime.  These entities may be upholding some energetic quality or "program" in us, usually negative, such as fear, anger, confusion, self-doubt, or what have you. 

There are several methods for detecting and removing attached entities, Akashic reading/clearing sessions being one of them.  We usually research the circumstances that allowed for the attachment to take place, and once the client understands their role in it, we remove that attachment.

Yes, souls of deceased loved ones could be attached to us this way too - if they didn't transition appropriately.  More reason for praying for our loved ones' peaceful and complete transition and not giving in to excessive grief, which makes it harder for their souls to move on to their next destination.

Entities dwelling in the home or portalways in the home

Entities in Spirit may be attached to a place instead of a person.  Those are your typical ghosts and the like.  They survive by drawing energy from their environment, which includes the inhabitants of the home.

Sometimes a home or an office contains a portalway, which is like a doorway that entities use to enter and exit the Earth plane.  Some types of portalways can be very distracting and draw a lot of energy from people in its proximity.

A property clearing can identify issues like entities or portalways present in a home or office and make sure the doorways are closed and the entities are escorted out.  We do property clearings with the help of the Akashic Records, but it's certainly not the only way to achieve the same effect.

Etheric implants and associated portalways

Now we're getting into an even darker topic.  I'm sorry. :)  But this is a big one in my book, and my personal story will explain why.

The term “etheric implant” means different things in different healing traditions.  In this case, I'm talking about an etheric “device” that can be present in our energy field, near a specific chakra, to uphold some energetic quality or behavioral pattern such as confusion, fear, self-doubt, disempowerment, or self-sabotage.  If there's such a negative implant present for us, it's because in a past life we needed a coping mechanism to deal with a difficult situation.  Too bad we're still carrying it around even though this mechanism is no longer relevant and is in fact harmful.

Without going into much detail, I'll mention that often an implant will be accompanied by a portalway leading to a negative "place", and that can result in a significant energy leak as negative energy flows in and affects us while our own "good" energy is siphoned off.

Here's my story.  I used to wake up absolutely exhausted every morning for no reason.  It would take me until 11 am to “recharge my batteries” so I could function decently.  I had many theories as to the reason and tried so many things, to no avail.  To make a long story short, a negative implant with an open portalway turned out to be the root cause.  Once I got that cleared, my life changed overnight.  These days I wake up bursting with energy and I go to bed still bursting with energy.  I no longer feel fatigue.  It was a miracle!  The only thing that changed is that I got an etheric implant cleared by a Soul Realignment practitioner, that's it.  After witnessing the power of what this method can do, I immediately signed up for the training so that I could make such small miracles happen for others too. :)

Not being in alignment

This one is not a cause of energy leaks per se, but I still wanted to bring this up as it is something that affects our overall energy levels more than we realize. 

How do you feel after doing something you really love: exhausted or energized?  And how do you feel after doing routine, uninspired tasks all day, something you only do out of obligation? 

The thing is, our souls want to express themselves through certain "channels", gifts, or energy qualities that are unique to each of us.  When our activity is aligned to that main channel, that predominant quality of our soul, not only does the activity feel deeply fulfilling, but we are receiving a lot of energy from the Source of All.  When our activity is not congruent to our nature, we're not receiving that much energy from the Source, and the activity probably doesn't feel very "us".  Imagine that your main quality is such that you need to be working with others, caring for others, being part of a community, but your day job involves sitting at a computer alone all day without much interaction.  No wonder if you feel low-energy even when you're not working so hard.  You're out of alignment!

While some of us are very self-aware and choose to do what makes our souls happy, others have moved far out of alignment with their nature and at times may not even remember who they really are at their core.  My favorite part of Soul Realignment work is helping folks remember and affirm who they really are at soul level, and encourage them to align what they do in life to their unique nature and their gifts in order to open themselves up to infinite abundance and fulfillment.  When we are aligned in our daily life, it feels as if our activities only increase our energy and enthusiasm.  Maybe that's what they mean when they say, "Choose the work you love and you'll never work a day in your life". 

If you think you're suffering from energy leaks, I can help you find and clear many types of negative past-life and present-life energetic influences in an Akashic reading/clearing session.  It's also a great way to discover and affirm who you are at soul level so you can align your life to your divine nature and gifts.  Also, Reiki energy therapy is a good way to recharge your energetic batteries.  

What's next?

In the next post, I'm planning to talk about managing energetic connections with others to avoid being drained, which is a challenge for so many of my healer friends and other compassionate beings.  Stay tuned and subscribe to receive new blog posts if you haven't already!